Best Drivers for Mid Handicappers: Top Picks and Expert Insights

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Gone are the days of endless searching for the perfect driver. If you’re a mid handicapper looking to improve your game, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to offer a comprehensive guide on the best drivers specifically designed to help you achieve increased distance, accuracy, and consistency on the fairway.

As a mid handicap golfer, you’ve already come a long way in perfecting your swing, but there’s still room for improvement. Upgrading your driver can help by providing better feel, optimizing shaft selection for your swing speed, incorporating the latest technology to your game, and even offering customization options suited for your needs. We’re going to cover what we think are the 6 best drivers for mid handicappers, along with tips on choosing the right one for your needs. Strap in and find out what the best drivers for mid handicappers are!

The 6 Best Drivers For Mid Handicappers

Callaway Paradym Driver

The Callaway Paradym is a solid choice for mid handicappers looking for a forgiving and versatile driver. This driver looks like no other driver on the market with its full, one-piece carbon chassis on the club head.

 A few highlights include:

  • Adjustable hosel for fine-tuning loft and face angle
  • Flash Face Technology to optimize ball speed across the face
  • Jailbreak Technology for increased stability and distance


Great distance and forgiveness

Wide range of customization options

Jam-packed with technology

Reasonable price tag


Some golfers may not prefer the sound at impact

Customers rave about the increased accuracy and yardage using this driver and praise its adjustability. With 97% of customers leaving high marks on Callaway’s website for the Paradym, this driver is a real winner for mid handicap golers. The Callaway Paradym is beautiful and can certainly stand alone as one of the best drivers for mid handicappers today.

TaylorMade Stealth 2

This sleek driver from TaylorMade is a top contender in the mid-handicapper market, featuring:

  • Carbon Twist Face Technology to enhance ball speed while minimizing sidespin on mishits
  • Forged ring construction for a low center of gravity and increased forgiveness
  • Speed pocket for improved performance on low strikes


Impressive carry distance

Increased consistency on off-center hits

World-class design


A higher price point compared to some other options

Golfers say that see notable improvements in both distance and accuracy using the TaylorMade Stealth 2. TaylorMade touts the amount of carbon built into the driver. The carbon differentiates this driver from the competition and can give mid handicap golfers the forgiveness they’re looking for.

Cobra LTDx

The Cobra LTDx boasts innovative technology and modern design, such as:

  • Tungsten weighting for low CG and high MOI
  • Forged Ring construction for added forgiveness
  • Aerodynamics for increased clubhead speed


Exceptional stability and forgiveness

Very adjustable to accommodate different swings

One of the more affordable price points across the competition


Some golfers might find it lacks optimal feedback

Players appreciate the increased ball speed and distance, as well as the forgiving nature of the Cobra LTDx. The technology built into this driver notably translated into lower spin drives that gave us more control off the tee box. Much like Callaway’s AI face design, Cobra incorporated similar technology to the face which provided excellent forgiveness on off-center hits.

Ping G430 MAX

The Ping G430 MAX stands out as a highly forgiving driver, benefiting mid handicappers in various ways:

  • Highest MOI among the Ping G-series drivers
  • Low CG for optimal launch and reduced spin
  • Draw bias providing consistent, straighter shots


Excellent forgiveness and accuracy

Suitable for golfers looking to reduce slice

Moveable back weights to position the CG


Some golfers report heavier weight compared to other drivers

The Ping G430 receives praise for its remarkable consistency and ability to correct ball flight issues. If you are looking for consistency in finding the fairway, Ping has designed one of the best drivers for mid handicappers. 

Callaway Rogue ST Max

Callaway’s Rogue ST Max is designed for distance and forgiveness, providing a great option for mid handicappers. What makes the Rogue ST Max driver stand out is the jailbreak speed frame. It gives you more speed across the face and is very satisfying when you hit the ball on-center. 


  • Flash Face Technology for distance and ball speed gains
  • Adjustable weighting for fine-tuning ball flight
  • Low CG and high MOI for increased stability


Solid distance and ball speed

Multiple shaft options for customization


Built-in draw bias may not be the preferred option for some golfers

No tool included to make adjustments

The Callaway Rogue ST Max receives positive feedback for its performance, particularly in achieving better distance off the tee.

Titleist TSR2

Lastly, the Titleist TSR2 is an excellent choice for mid handicappers, known for its performance on the golf course. The club face has an impressive design that will help golfers make the most of every shot. Features of the Titleist TSR2 include:

  • Low CG for optimal ball launch
  • Adjustable hosel for tuning trajectory and face angle
  • Aerodynamic design and shape to increase club speed


Impressive stability and control

Effective on mishits

Wide variety of available driver lofts


Slightly higher price point compared to the competition

Many players appreciate the consistent results and feel the Titleist TSR2 provides when using it on the course. Titleist has made one of the best drivers for mid handicappers by combining loads of technology and features into a sleek and simple design.

How To Choose The Right Driver for Mid Handicappers

Wondering what factors you should consider when choosing the best driver for mid handicappers? We’ve broken it down into four categories that we hope will allow you to narrow it down to the right driver for you.


When selecting the best driver for mid handicappers, the feel of the club is crucial. You should consider how comfortable and confident you feel when holding and swinging the club. A well-balanced driver that feels lightweight will help increase your confidence on the tee. The driver should have a solid, yet forgiving clubface, which will encourage accurate strikes even when you don’t make perfect contact.

Don’t overlook the feel of the club when addressing the ball. It’s important to feel that the driver lines up with the ball well with your eyes during your pre-shot routine. The feel of a driver can mean a lot even before you swing the club.


The shaft is an important component of the driver, affecting swing speed, accuracy, and overall performance. Mid handicappers should look for shafts with the appropriate flex for their swing speed. Here’s a general guideline:

  • Slow Swing Speed (less than 85 mph): Senior or Ladies flex shaft
  • Average Swing Speed (85 – 95 mph): Regular flex
  • Fast Swing Speed (95 – 105 mph): Stiff flex

Virtually all shafts on a driver are made with graphite and that will not change for mid handicap golfers. Across each brand, there will be a wide variety of shaft options available from differents weights and flexibilities. A proper fitting will go a long way in helping you understand the right shaft to pick for your driver.


Golf technology has taken a big leap in the past decade. Keep an eye out for features like low CG (center of gravity) and MOI (moment of inertia), which help to increase forgiveness and stability while reducing spin. Some drivers even offer draw bias, which promotes a more consistent shot shape, especially for golfers who struggle with a slice.

The materials in modern drivers are also improving with the increase in lightweight materials like carbon and titanium. These materials make drivers lighter while maintaining durability so you can gain more speed in your swing.

Many drivers come with adjustable lofts and hosel settings, which allow players to fine-tune their launch angle and ball flight for optimal results. Some models even feature moveable weights that enable you to adjust the club’s balance and customize your shot shape.


One of the key aspects to consider when selecting a driver for a mid handicapper is the ability to customize the club to your swing. Adjustable loft, hosel, and weights can help mid-handicap golfers find the ideal set up for their skill level. Here’s a list of features to consider for customization:

  • Adjustable Lofts: This allows you to fine-tune the launch angle and trajectory
  • Adjustable Hosels: Modify the club’s lie angle and face angle to promote accuracy
  • Moveable Weights: Enable you to adjust the club’s balance and shot shape preferences


What Type of Shaft Should A Mid Handicapper Use?

When choosing a shaft for mid-handicap golfers, we recommend focusing on both the material and the flex. The two most common materials are steel and graphite. For mid-handicap golfers, graphite shafts are preferred because they offer more forgiveness and speed. Additionally, the flex of the shaft plays a significant role in fitting a driver for your game. The most common flex options are:

  • Stiff (S)
  • Regular (R)
  • Senior (A)
  • Ladies (L)

For average golfers with medium swing speeds, a regular or stiff flex is typically the best choice. Just remember to consider your specific swing tendencies and preferences when deciding on the right shaft.

Is A Fitting Necessary When Buying a Driver?

While it is not mandatory, we highly recommend getting a custom fitting when purchasing a new driver. A fitting can help ensure you find the best driver for your swing and playing style, maximizing both forgiveness and distance. Customization options like loft, lie angle, and shaft length can be tailored to your game through a fitting. Most modern drivers have an adjustable hosel so you can adjust the loft and ball flight path. A fitting will help you understand how you can optimize the technology in your driver to cater to your swing.

What Loft Should My Driver Have?

For most mid-handicap golfers, a loft between 9 and 12 degrees is recommended. However, your ideal loft depends on your swing speed and launch angle:

  • Faster swingers (100+ mph): 9 – 10.5 degrees
  • Average swingers (80 – 100 mph): 10.5 – 12 degrees
  • Slower swingers (<80 mph): 12+ degrees

Keep in mind that the loft of a driver can be adjusted on many modern clubs, so experimenting with different lofts can help fine-tune your ball flight. Regardless of the specifics, the primary goal should be to find a loft that maximizes your distance while still providing a controlled and forgiving ball flight.

The Verdict on Best Drivers for Mid Handicappers

We chose these 6 best drivers for mid handicappers for their excellent forgiveness, easy launch, and distance-enhancing features. Callaway, TaylorMade, Cobra, and Ping have all made great drivers that will give you confidence in the tee box.

We hope our recommendations will help you in making an informed decision when choosing between the best drivers for mid handicappers in 2023. We know how good it feels to hit bombs off the tee box. A good drive sets you up to score low and get that handicap even lower. If you’re looking for more tips and guides, look no further than All Purpose Golf!

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