Mizuno Irons by Year: A Comprehensive Timeline Guide

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Did you know that Mizuno is one of the most respected and well-known brands in the world of golf? They have a reputation for producing high-quality, innovative irons that consistently impress golfers. 

Mizuno irons have come a long way since their beginnings, and in this article, we will be exploring their development from the 1990s to 2023. 

History and Reputation of Mizuno

Mizuno was founded in 1906 in Osaka, Japan. It has established itself as a global leader in the sports equipment industry. While their range of products spans various sports, Mizuno has become particularly renowned for its golf equipment, specifically their irons. The company’s dedication to innovation and quality craftsmanship is evident through their commitment to using the finest materials and forging processes when creating their clubs.

Mizuno irons stand out in the golf equipment market due to a variety of factors that distinguish them from other brands. The primary feature that sets Mizuno irons apart is their exceptional “feel,” which has become synonymous with the brand itself. This sensation of a pure, solid connection between the club and the ball is the result of Mizuno’s meticulous craftsmanship and the forging process used to create their clubs. 

Mizuno has built a reputation that puts them up with the other big names in the industry like Callaway, TaylorMade and Titleist as one of the leading manufacturers of golf irons due to their dedication to innovation, quality craftsmanship, and the forging process. 

Club YearClub NameWhere to Buy
2023JPX923 ForgedCheck Price Online
2023JPX923 HMCheck Price Online
2023JPX923 HM ProCheck Price Online
2023JPX923 HM HLCheck Price Online
2023JPX923 TourCheck Price Online
2022 – 2023Mizuno Pro 221Check Price Online
2022 – 2023Mizuno Pro 223Check Price Online
2022 – 2023Mizuno Pro 225Check Price Online
2021 – 2022JPX921 TourCheck Price Online
2021 – 2022JPX921 Hot Metal Pro
2021 – 2022JPX921 Hot Metal
2021 – 2022JPX921 ForgedCheck Price Online
2020 – 2021MP-20 HMBCheck Price Online
2020 – 2021MP-20 MBCheck Price Online
2020 – 2021MP-20 MMCCheck Price Online
2020 – 2021MP-20 SELCheck Price Online
2019 – 2020JPX919 TourCheck Price Online
2019 – 2020JPX919 Hot Metal ProCheck Price Online
2019 – 2020JPX919 Hot MetalCheck Price Online
2019 – 2020JPX919 ForgedCheck Price Online
2018 – 2019MP-18 MMC
2018 – 2019MP-18Check Price Online
2018 – 2019MP-18 SC
2017 – 2018MP
2017 – 2018JPX900 Hot Metal
2017 – 2018JPX900 Tour
2016 – 2017JPX EZ F
2016 – 2017JPX EZ
2016 – 2017MP5
2016 – 2017MP25
2015 – 2016JPX850 F
2015 – 2016JPX850
2015 – 2016MP15
2014 – 2015MP-54
2014 – 2015JPX EZ
2014 – 2015JPX EZ Forged
2013 – 2014JPX 825
2013 – 2014JPX 825 Pro
2013 – 2014MP-64
2012-2013JPX 800 Pro
2012 – 2013MP-69
2012 – 2014MP-59
2011-2012JPX 800
2011 – 2012MP-63
2011 – 2012MP-53
2010 – 2011MP-68
2010 – 2011MP-58
2009 – 2010MP-62
2009 – 2010MP-52
2007 – 2008MP-67
2005 – 2007MP-60
2004 – 2006MP-37
2004 – 2008MP-32
2003 – 2005MP-30
2002-2004Widec II
2001 – 2002Comp CT
1999 – 2001Comp EZ
1995 – 1996TPZ Cast
1994 – 1998MP-14
1992-1996Faldo ID
1991-1993Astron G2
1990 – 1997TP-9
1990 – 1994TP-11
1990 – 1994TP-10

What are the Newest Mizuno Irons in 2023?

The latest Mizuno irons released in 2023 include the JPX923 irons and the Mizuno Pro series. The JPX923 irons come equipped with state-of-the-art technology including the use of Nickel Chromoly, which allowed Mizuno to create an 8% thinner clubface that is 35% stronger than its predecessor, the JPX 921s. 

The Mizuno Pro series, on the other hand, focuses on catering to the needs of mid to low handicap golfers who prioritize precision and control. These irons maintain the Mizuno tradition of offering top-quality forged iron construction, giving players a soft feel and satisfying feedback.

When comparing the JPX923 irons to previous models, the use of Nickel Chromoly to create a thinner and stronger clubface has resulted in significant improvements in distance and forgiveness, catering to a wider range of golfers. The Mizuno Pro series also demonstrates advancement in technology and craftsmanship from previous generations, evident in the superior feel and control they offer during play.

Experts and customers have praised the new MIzuno irons for their high-quality performance and innovation. One golfer said they were impressed by the increased distance they were able to achieve with the JPX923 irons while maintaining control. Others have praised the smooth feel and crisp sound of the Mizuno Pro irons, adding that they experienced improved shot-making and overall performance.

Evolution of Mizuno Irons by Year

Let’s take a deeper look at what irons Mizuno has produced by decade. We’ll also look back at what some of the greatest players on the tour did with Mizuno irons in each decade!

Mizuno Irons in the 2010s

In the 2010s, Mizuno released various innovative iron models tailored to different skill levels and golfer preferences. Some notable launches during this period include the JPX series, MP-H series, and MP25 irons. Each of these lines introduced enhanced features such as improved ball speed, forgiveness, and feel to enhance golfer performance.

Mizuno faced various challenges during the decade, such as stiff competition from other brands and constantly evolving consumer preferences. Nonetheless, the company has maintained a strong presence in the market by incorporating new technologies and materials into their irons.

Golfers worldwide have achieved success using Mizuno irons during the 2010s. For instance, in 2013, Luke Donald rose to World No. 1 using Mizuno MP-64 irons, highlighting the brand’s ability to produce competitive equipment for top-tier players.

Mizuno Irons in the 2000s

The 2000s saw Mizuno continuing its growth with the launch of multiple iron models, including the MP-32, MX Series irons. In fact, the MP-32 irons had a solid run from 2004 to 2008. These irons featured new technologies such as the Grain Flow Forging process, which improved feel and control, and the Cut Muscle design that enhanced shot-making capabilities.

The 2000s also witnessed notable golfer achievements using Mizuno irons. For example, Jonathan Byrd won the 2007 John Deere Classic using Mizuno MP-60 irons, demonstrating the brand’s continued success in the professional golf circuit.

Mizuno Irons in the 1990s

Mizuno launched a large variety successful iron models in the 1990s, such as the TP Original, T-10, TP-11, TP-9, White Fang, and many more. These irons incorporated technologies that prioritized feel and precision, which became the hallmark of Mizuno’s offerings. During this period, the company’s popularity grew among professionals, amateurs, and collectors.

Golfers using Mizuno irons in the 1990s saw remarkable success, with one standout example being Nick Faldo, who won the 1992 Open Championship playing with Mizuno irons.

Do any PGA Tour players use Mizuno Irons?

Yes, there are a few PGA Tour players that use Mizuno Irons in their golf bag. As of June 2023, Cameron Smith currently uses a Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi 3 iron. Keith Mitchell currently relies on the Mizuno 221 Pro Irons and the Mizuno T22 wedges as of March 2023. Mizuno has developed a strong reputation for producing high-quality golf clubs that can cater to various player profiles and skill levels and it shows with the caliber of players using them in the pros.

Mizuno Irons have been popular among both amateur and professional golfers for many years. While some Tour professionals use Mizuno irons as part of their club contracts, others have chosen to include them in their equipment setup without any contractual obligation.


The history of Mizuno irons is both fascinating and significant for golfers who seek to understand how these game-changing clubs have evolved over the years. We found it enjoyable to look back and reminisce on some of the great golfers winning on the tour with Mizuno irons in their bags.

We hope this information is valuable for golfers who appreciate the attention to detail and performance that Mizuno irons provide. Mizuno has created a legacy of creating well-crafted, reputable irons that golfers of all skill-levels can have confidence in.

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