Lazrus Golf Review – Still Worth the Buy in 2024?

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We’ll admit it. Golf is expensive! From all of the equipment you need to buy to the green fees, range fees, you name it. Part of playing golf is investing in the right equipment. As we look to 2024, we wanted to give you a glimpse into a budget set of wedges to see how they stack up against all of the other choice available to you in the market.

We love a good day on the golf course and we also love finding equipment that can save us a buck or two. That’s why we decided to take an in-depth look at the Lazrus Golf wedge set. Our goal was to see if these wedges could withstand the skepticism of a “budget” golf club. How does the wedge set hold up? Is it worth buying in 2024? Check out our Lazrus Golf review below and find out!

Who Is Lazrus Golf?

Lazrus Golf was founded with the purpose of providing golfers of all skill levels with the equipment they need to play golf without breaking the bank. This company is an online-only retailer selling any club you need for your bag from putters all the way up to a driver (just announced in 2023). 

While our Lazrus golf review will only focus on the wedges, Lazrus golf has expanded its offering to virtually any club you need to play a round of golf. Lazrus golf touts its ever-growing online presence with sales of over 400,000 clubs worldwide. Their reputation is great with almost 1,000 positive reviews for its golf wedges alone.

The Lazrus Golf Wedge Set

What is the club head made of?

Regardless of the color you choose, the wedge set has a forged club head with a milled face. If you look closely at the club face, you will see 15 horizontal grooves on the club face as well as a unique groove pattern across the club face. This made us more than capable in producing adequate spin and control with our wedge shots. 

After a few hits with the Lazrus golf wedges, we noticed that the milled club face helped produce a good spin by getting the ball to stick when we hit the green. After a few hits with the black wedges in the sandtrap, we noticed that the black color started to scratch off. Be mindful of purchasing the black wedges as you will notice that the color can wear off over time. 

What kind of shaft is included with the wedge?

All Lazrus golf wedges are built with a regular flex steel shaft. In our testing of the wedges from a distance or around the green, the shaft provided great feedback with each shot. When hitting wedges, the weight of the shaft as well as the feel when hitting the ball was ideal with the steel shaft. Most golfers will find the regular flex steel shaft fitting for their wedge needs around the green. 

If you are looking for the option to customize the shaft for a different flex or material (like graphite) you will need to look elsewhere. Regardless, Lazrus Golf touts this wedge set is fitting for 99% of golfers. 

How much bounce on the club?

Here are the bounce angles for each wedge in the set:

  • 52-degree wedge: 8 degrees bounce
  • 56-degree wedge: 12 degrees bounce
  • 60-degree wedge: 10 degrees bounce

Based on Vokey’s definition of wedge bounce, the 52 and 60-degree wedges are mid-bounce wedges and the 56-degree wedge is a high-bounce wedge. Generally speaking, a mid-bounce wedge is ideal for shots around the green (think chipping) while high-bounce wedges are ideal for creating lots of spin. High-bounce wedges are also great for soft or fluffy turf (think thicker grass).  

How is the grip?

Right out of the box, the grip included with the wedge set felt great in the hand. The grip allowed us to take shots comfortably and with plenty of control throughout the swing. 

The grip is also nicely designed with the Lazrus Golf logo at the bottom of the grip and some blue lines around the top and bottom of the grip. The size of the grips on the wedges was standard for our average size hand. The grip should not feel overly thick or thin for most golfers.


One of the best values in the industry for wedges

Wide variety of colors and loft options

30-day money-back guarantee to allow golfers to try before committing long-term

Forged club head with a milled face for quality

Fitting for 99% of golfers

Numerous great reviews from customers


One-size-fits-all approach may not satisfy the golfer looking for a custom-fit club

Graphite shafts are not available on the wedges

Black wedge color easily scratches after only a few hits out of the bunker

Brand is less recognizable compared to others in the golf industry


Who should get Lazrus golf wedges?

These wedges were designed for players of any skill set. Whether you are just getting started in golf or have been playing for years, we have found that the quality of these wedges can serve as your go-to in your bag.

For a definitive answer, these wedges are targeted to the high handicap or beginner golfer. With Lazrus Golf producing a quality wedge at a low cost, beginner golfers can invest in wedges that won’t break the bank while learning the ropes of the game. However, if you are more experienced and are looking to save, Lazrus Golf offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can return the wedges if you prefer something else. 

What loft wedges can you buy from Lazrus?

In the three-wedge set, you can expect to get a 52, 56, and 60-degree wedge. You can also purchase each of these wedges individually. If you’re looking to create some big flop shots, you can also purchase a 64 or 72-degree wedge. 

Can you get a left-handed wedge set?

Yes! All wedge sets are available for left-handed golfers. You can purchase a wedge set in any color available: black, silver, or rainbow.

Are Lazrus golf wedges good for seniors?

The short answer to this question is yes. However, it is important to note that there are a few factors to consider around the flex of the shaft with these wedges. The set is only produced with a regular flex. As Lazrus Golf says, this flex type will fit 99% of golfers. If you are a senior and have used senior flex shafts for other clubs, you may want to consider the flex in this shaft when purchasing. 

Are the Lazrus golf wedges easy to use?

Right out of the box, these wedges are ready to hit the golf course. The overall quality of these clubs from the grip to the milled club face makes these wedges easily approachable for golfers of any skill level

The Verdict

There is no doubt that Lazrus Golf has produced a wedge set that will be suitable for golfers at any skill level. Not only was the wedge set suitable, but it also exceeds expectations of what you can get at the price point. Shot after shot, we were delighted with the results in distance, control, and feel. Despite the heavy competition for quality wedge sets in 2024, we can confidently recommend these wedges to take a spot in your golf bag.

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Taylor is the founder of All Purpose Golf and has been an avid golfer for more than a decade. He loves keeping up with the latest trends in golf and is constantly seeking ways to improve his game and wants to make the game of golf accessible to anyone.