Five Essential Golf Training Aids to Improve Your Game

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We live in an era where golfers have more tools at their disposal than ever before for improving their game. From swing analyzers to strength trainers, these golf training aids provide valuable feedback that can lead to substantial improvements in a player’s performance on the course.

We’re going to give an overview of golf training aids to help you understand how they can help us hone our skills on the golf course. With a myriad of options available, it’s essential to know which training aids can effectively target areas of our game that need work, whether it’s our swing, putting, or overall fitness. We’ll also list out our favorite golf training aids that we believe will give you a leg up.  

Why Use Golf Training Aids?

You wouldn’t go into a cave without a flashlight and think you’ll be able to navigate, right? The same goes for golf training aids and improving your swing. Equipping yourself with the right tools will make all the difference in improving your game.

The reason we rely on training aids is because they offer targeted improvements and immediate feedback during practice. For any aspect of your skills, there is a golf training aid out there for you. There are six specific ways you can benefit from incorporating golf training aids into your practice routine:

  1. Accurate Measurement: Aids give us precise insight into areas like swing plane, tempo, and balance, things that are hard to measure with the naked eye.
  2. Focused Improvement: They allow us to work on very specific parts of our game, such as putting or swing speed, with deliberate practice.
  3. Enhanced Engagement: Utilizing training aids can make practice more engaging and less monotonous, keeping us motivated and helping us stick with our practice routine.
  4. Immediate Correction: As we practice, the instant feedback from training aids helps us to immediately correct our swing path and ensure consistent ball striking.
  5. Muscle Memory: Regular use helps in developing muscle memory for the right movements, leading to a more consistent and reliable golf swing.
  6. Confidence Building: As our technique improves and becomes more consistent, our confidence on the course grows, which can be a game-changer during competitive play.

Types of Golf Training Aids

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different types of golf training aids and what they do:

Swing Tempo and Rhythm Aids

Swing tempo and rhythm aids help us refine our timing and foster a consistent swing tempo. These tools emphasize developing a fluid swing that maintains consistent rhythm, which is crucial for consistent ball striking.

Swing Plane Improvement Aids

For honing our swing plane, there are aids designed to correct and align our swing to the optimal path. These aids, such as alignment sticks, provide immediate feedback if our swing veers off course, promoting a proper swing plane.

Weight Shift Aids

Weight shift aids focus on the critical aspect of transferring weight during our swing. Proper weight shift is essential for generating power and maintaining balance, and these aids ensure we properly sequence our movements from backswing to follow-through.

Synchronization Aids

Synchronization aids aim to harmonize the movement of different parts of our body during the swing. They ensure that our arms, torso, and legs work together as a cohesive unit, improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our swing.

Arm Structure Aids

These training tools are engineered to maintain optimal arm position and structure throughout the swing. By keeping our arms in the right posture, we can reduce inconsistencies and enhance the precision of our shots.

Putting Analysis Aids

Putting aids cover a range of devices that analyze our putting stroke, improving our alignment, speed, and stroke path.

Swing Path Aids

Swing path aids, including tools that train us to follow the correct inside-out or outside-in swing paths, are pivotal for shot accuracy. They remedy common path errors, guiding us toward producing straighter and more predictable shots.

Our 5 Favorite Golf Training Aids

We’ve identified some of the most effective golf training aids that can enhance your game by improving various aspects like lag, clubhead speed, and swing path.

The Lag Shot Iron

What It Does: The Lag Shot Iron is a weighted training club that enhances the feel for lag in your swing. 

How It Helps: It helps increase your clubhead speed and promotes a smooth full swing with consistent timing. 

Why We Like It: This swing trainer reinforces a natural swing rhythm, giving you better ball striking and greater distance.

Down Under Board 2.0

What It Does: The Down Under Board 2.0 trains golfers to use their lower body correctly. 

How It Helps: By focusing on footwork and balance, it improves swing path and overall swing efficiency. 

Why We Like It: We appreciate its simplicity and how it encourages a stable yet dynamic foundation for the swing.

The Orange Whip Swing Training Aid

What It Does: The Orange Whip combines a flexible shaft with a weighted orange ball at the end to mimic the motion of a whip.

How It Helps: It’s excellent for warm-up and improving tempo, balance, and flexibility throughout the swing. 

Why We Like It: The kinesthetic feedback it provides is instrumental in developing a fluid, athletic golf swing.

Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0

What It Does: The Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0 uses a strike mat with adjustable speed rods to help you visualize the proper swing path. 

How It Helps: It corrects slices and hooks, and enhances clubhead speed with a more efficient club path. 

Why We Like It: It’s a versatile tool that we find extremely helpful for both beginners and experienced players aiming to refine their accuracy.

The Hanger Swing Aid

What It Does: The Hanger Swing Aid attaches to your club and provides immediate feedback on the wrist position throughout the swing. 

How It Helps: It helps to maintain a consistent clubface, leading to more accurate shots. 

Why We Like It: The direct and instant tactile feedback on wrist angle trains muscle memory effectively, making it a favorite in our selection of aids.


A consistent practice regimen, enhanced with golf training aids, can lead to marked improvements in your game. We strongly believe in the above five golf training aids. They have helped us make great progress in ball striking and swing path. 

Find ways to incorporate these aids into your practice routines and see how it affects your performance on the course over time. Golf training aids are not a quick fix but supplements to practice. By integrating these tools thoughtfully into your regimen, you set the stage for continuous improvement and better scoring.  For more tips on game improvement and reviews on golf equipment, follow along!

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