The 8 Best Office Putting Sets to Practice Year Round

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Those long winter months not being able to go to the golf course can take a toll on your putting skills. Consistent putting practice is required to keep the skill sharp and ready when you hit the golf course again.

Secondly, you more than likely work the 9 to 5 and would love to find more chances to practice putting during the work day. In order to keep up with your putting skills, we have rounded up the best office putting sets for your space. Getting a putting set for your office is the perfect way to maintain the consistent putting stroke you developed during the golf season.

Check out our picks for the best office putting sets!

Best Value


  • Affordable Price
  • Quality Materials
  • Versatile Putting
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Best Overall

GoSports BattlePutt

  • All equipment included
  • Quality Putting Surface
  • Group or individual use
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Best Premium

ProPutt Green

  • 18 Hole Setup
  • Wood Design
  • Ball Return System
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Best Overall: GoSports BattlePutt: This is the complete package when it comes to an office putting set. You get all the equipment you need, a quality putting surface, and a fun way to practice putting by yourself or with friends. It is easily portable and will last.

Best Value: Putt-A-Bout: For a low price, you get a practice mat with quality material. The wider design of the mat gives you versatility in practicing along with three holes and hazards to keep practice interesting. No additional accessories are provided, but for the price, you are getting the best practice mat.

Best Premium: Pro Putt: The ultimate office putting set and practice companion during the off-season. Its design to include different angles and distances to putt and make a game of it allows you to take your practice to the next level. Easy setup and attractive wood design will enhance the makeup of your office. 

Here is our full list of the 8 best office putting sets:

  1. GoSports BattlePutt Pong Putting Game
  2. Pro Putt with Ball Return by GBD Sports
  3. HUAEN Putting Mat with Hazards
  4. PUTT-A-BOUT Three Hole Green
  5. ProActive Sports Varispeed Putting Mat
  6. LEAGY Portable Full Putting Set
  7. BalanceForm Putting Mat with Automatic Ball Return
  8. GimiYaa Putting Mat with Wooden Platform and Ball Return

1. GoSports BattlePutt Pong Putting Game

The BattlePutt office putting set checks a lot of boxes when it comes to features. You get a lengthy putting green at 11 feet long with material that has a true feel to a real putting green. There are multiple cups on each side of the green which allows for taking multiple putts without walking back and forth to retrieve each ball. You also get everything you need to practice. Some golfers may not want to separate their putting from their bag, so it is convenient to have two provided.

Not only is this a high-quality office putting set, but it also makes for a great game for you and your office buddies to join in on during a break. 2 to 4 players can participate in a pong-style game where you attempt to sink a putt into each hole on the opposite side of the green. The first player to sink all six putts wins. This set also includes cup covers so you can keep score as you play.


  • Easy to fold and store so that you don’t take up as much office space
  • Everything is included from golf balls, cup covers, and two putters
  • Quality material that feels just like a real putting green


  • One of the pricier options for everything included
  • The turf can shed which may require more cleaning
  • No carrying bag for transport

2. Pro Putt with Ball Return by GBD Sports

The Pro Putt office putting set makes the most of the standard putting mat. The design of the putting mat has 18 holes or positions that you putt from. You are also given a scorecard to track the number of strokes it takes at each position. The material for the putting surface is very thin meaning that you can expect faster roll speeds.

The putting mat also comes with a ball return so you can easily take your next putt without walking back and forth to retrieve your ball. Along with the 18-hole design of the mat, you also have guidelines at each hole that allows you to better align your putts to develop better putting strokes.


  • Focused on helping develop muscle memory with different distance putts
  • Auto ball return makes it easy to putt more frequently
  • Small hole in the wood structure for putter storage


  • Wooden structure connects via magnets so it can be more fragile
  • Does not come with additional accessories to use the set

3. HUAEN Putting Mat with Hazards

At just under 10 feet, this putting green provides a simple but very durable setup for your office. This office putting set offers a sloped platform with one hole surrounded by hazards to give you a challenge. With the hazards surrounding the hole, this putting mat will help you with your accuracy by making sure the power of your putting stroke is not too strong.

This putting set also features a ball return made of out plastic that is very strong. While not recommended, the plastic slope and ball return can withstand the weight of an adult (so if you’re working from home and have curious kids, you don’t need to worry about them standing on the plastic platform).


  • Durable materials from the mat to the plastic base that will last
  • Mat is designed with markers to putt from different distances
  • Hazards built in to help players hone skills on accuracy and power
  • Ball return for easy, consistent putting


  • No additional equipment provided with the set
  • Shorter mat than some of the other options available

4. PUTT-A-BOUT Three Hole Green

This kidney-shaped putting green is a simple yet versatile putting mat. With its unique shape, you can practice putting from different angles and distances at three different holes. The putting mat also features two wide hazards behind the holes.

The surface of this office putting set is one of the best in replicating the feel of putting on a real green. It has a backing that won’t slip or create ripples. What we love about this office putting set is that there is no setup required. Simply unroll and start putting!


  • The putting surface is one of the best available
  • Unique shape and three holes allow you to create a wide variety of putts
  • Easily portable
  • Made in the USA!


  • Holes are shallow due to no platform in the design
  • No ball return mechanism for the golf balls
  • Bring your own equipment

5. SAPLIZE Golf Putting Mat

The Saplize Golf Putting Mat offers golfers a unique challenge by adding a slope. This set comes with a wedge that allows you to create a custom break which is a great tool for making putts on a sloped green. Unlike most office putting sets, this putting mat does not feature an elevated surface for the holes. As a result, the set comes with a plastic cup that you putt into. Keep this in mind as some may prefer a hole to putt into as the feel is more natural for practice. Without the elevated surface, this set is one of the easiest to store.


  • One of the few to feature a wedge to create custom slopes on the putting mat.
  • Easier setup than normal sets due to the flat surface throughout


  • No built-in hole with the mat. Need to use the included hole to set up manually
  • No additional equipment provided

6. LEAGY Portable Full Putting Set

It doesn’t get more portable than the LEAGY office putting set. This set is a cup with a battery-powered motor to spit the ball back at you when the ball reaches the hole. The whole set fits within a small bag and the bag is also included. Unlike most putting mats, you do not get a practice mat with this set.

The greatest advantage of this set is everything is included: the auto-returning hole, golf ball, and portable putter. If you want to take your putting practice with you to and from the office, this is a perfect match. With this set, your putting surface is whatever is on your office floor. If your surface is not similar to a putting green, you may want to consider a suitable putting surface in addition to this set.


  • Everything is included
  • Auto-returning motorized cup makes ball retrieval simple
  • Portable set with a zip-up bag
  • Create your own putting distance by placing the hole anywhere you want


  • No included putting surface means you may not be putting on a green-like surface
  • Provide your own batteries

7. BalanceForm Putting Mat with Automatic Ball Return

Made by BalanceForm, this 10-foot-long practice green features two holes. One hole will be smaller than the other and a white line to guide your putts. The other hole is normal size with no guidelines. You will be able to develop precision putting skills with this set.

This office putting set also comes with a plastic platform that features an automatic ball return ramp. You also get three golf balls included! No need to take any out of your bag to use this set. No putter is included so plan to bring your own to the office. While no putter is included, there is a convenient putter holder built into the platform so you’ll always know where to keep your putter.


  • Automatic ball return makes it easy to putt more
  • Golf balls included means that you don’t have to take any out of your own bag
  • Two different-sized holes allow you to practice for precision
  • Putter stand to easily store your putter when not in use


  • The golf balls included were lower quality than a ball you would play on a golf course
  • No white putting guideline on the second hole

8. GimiYaa Putting Mat with Wooden Platform and Ball Return

What you will find to be very helpful on the GimiYaa putting mat is that you have distance markers. This is very resourceful for golfers looking to practice putts at specific distances. No more guesswork when practicing with this mat. The material of this putting mat is very velvety, which is nice because you will never have to deal with shedding materials or other messes on your floor over time. The speed of the practice mat may differ from that of a real putting green.

Another feature of this putting set is the appealing wood platform and ball return system. It presents itself well with the wood design and the ball return system is easy to set up through magnetic connectors for each piece. Along with the distance markers on the mat, you also get two putting lines to help guide your putts.


  • Appealing wood design with easy setup
  • Two separate holes with their own putting guidelines
  • Comes with three golf balls
  • Double-sided tape included to secure the practice mat in place


  • Putting surface is not as identical to a real putting surface at the golf course
  • No carrying case for the whole system

Wrapping Up

Having a putting set for your office is a no-brainer for keeping your putting skills sharp. With the wide variety of office putting sets available, you’re sure to find the right set for your space. If you’re looking for ways to improve your putting while at the office, check out our guide on putting better in 5 steps!

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