Hit ‘Em Long & Straight: The 8 Best Golf Balls for Distance

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The 8 Best Golf Balls for Distance

Golf enthusiasts, you know the feeling: you swing your club with all your might, only to watch in frustration as your ball doesn’t travel as far as you had hoped. Achieving maximum distance is a crucial aspect of the game, as it sets you up for better scoring opportunities on the green. To improve your distance, selecting the appropriate golf ball is essential. This is where the quest for finding the best golf balls for distance begins.

Distance plays a significant role in bettering your golf performance and can be the deciding factor in crucial moments of the game. The right golf ball can cater to your specific skill level and preferences, aiding the increase in yardage off the tee. In this article, we aim to present a comprehensive and knowledgeable guide to assist you in identifying the best golf balls for distance that are tailored to your personal requirements.

As you read on, you’ll discover top options from various brands, detailed insights, and comparisons to boost your confidence in selecting the ultimate golf ball for your distance game. So, get ready to enhance your performance on the golf course and leave your scorecard beaming!

Top 8 Best Golf Balls for Distance

We recommend the best golf balls for distance based on various criteria such as performance, quality, durability, price, and our point of view on why they are the best for distance. Check out our top 8 recommendations below!

TaylorMade Distance+

Bridgestone e12

Callaway Warbird

Vice Drive

Callaway Superfast

Titleist Velocity

Bridgestone e9

TaylorMade Distance+

TaylorMade Distance+ is known for its impressive ball speed and low spin rate, which helps you achieve greater distance off the tee. Key features include:

  • High-energy core for explosive energy transfer
  • Low-drag aerodynamic dimple pattern
  • Durable surlyn cover

This ball is perfect if you’re looking for extra yards without sacrificing durability.


Maximum distance

Durable & Affordable

Improved Carry Distance

Low Driver Spin


Limited Control

Less Spin

Wilson Tour Velocity Distance

The Wilson Tour Velocity Distance offers a great combination of distance and control. Its attributes include:

  • High-energy core for fast ball speed
  • Surlyn cover for excellent durability
  • Low-mid compression rating for increased lift

With its balanced performance, this ball is suitable for golfers of all skill levels.


Delivers impressive distance off the tee

Includes 15 balls per box for extra value

Solid durability

Lower compression rating offers added control off the tee


May feel a bit firm for those who prefer a softer feel

Might require adjustments for greenside control

Bridgestone e12

Bridgestone e12 is designed specifically for golfers seeking maximum distance. Some of its standout features are:

  • 3-piece construction for optimal energy transfer
  • Delta Wing dimple pattern for reduced drag
  • Soft surlyn cover for improved feel and control

It’s an excellent choice for those in search of long drives and reliable performance.


Dimple design encourages straighter flight and less sidespin

Soft inner core promotes better spin around the greens

Available in vibrant matte color options


Less workability than similarly priced balls

May not be ideal for players with very slow swing speeds who require even softer compression options

Callaway Warbird

The Callaway Warbird is built for speed and distance, thanks to its innovative design and materials. Key elements include:

  • Large high-energy core for maximum ball speed
  • HEX aerodynamics for reduced drag
  • Enhanced feel and spin control

The Warbird is ideal for golfers searching for a combination of distance and control in their play.


Great for distance

Cheap pricepoint

Firm feel


May be stubborn at short ranges

Not as soft as some (if you like that)

Vice Drive

The Vice Drive offers impressive distance along with a reasonable price tag, making it a popular option for many golfers. Important features consist of:

  • 2-piece construction for distance optimization
  • Low compression rating for increased lift
  • Durable surlyn cover

Its affordability and performance make it a great choice for those seeking value.


The price can’t be beaten

They’re extremely durable

Distance is just as good as most (for us)


They aren’t as forgiving as some

Not great for higher swing speeds

On the firmer side (if you swing slower)

Callaway Superfast

Callaway Superfast is designed to provide maximum distance without sacrificing feel or control. Its key characteristics include:

  • High-energy core for explosive power
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern for low drag
  • Soft surlyn cover for enhanced feel

This ball is suitable for golfers who want both distance and a soft touch on the greens.


Low spin rate for straighter shots

Good control around the greens

Soft feel and durable

Great value for the price


Can be tougher to hit draws and fades

Titleist Velocity

The Titleist Velocity golf ball is known for its high initial ball speed and roll, which contributes to its extraordinary distance capabilities. Highlights of this ball are:

  • High-energy LSX core for exceptional speed
  • Spherically tiled dimple pattern for optimal lift
  • Surlyn cover for durability and control

If distance is your top priority, the Titleist Velocity is worth considering.


Faster ball speeds due to high-speed LSX core technology

Durable NAZ+ ionomer cover ensures longevity and enhanced greenside control

Suitable for moderate swing speeds looking to maximize distance


May not be ideal for players with very slow swing speeds who require even softer compression options

Not as much spin around the greens

Bridgestone e9

The Bridgestone e9 is designed to provide excellent distance and accuracy for golfers of all skill levels. Standout features are:

  • Gradational core for improved energy transfer
  • Dimple pattern for reduced drag and increased lift
  • Responsive surlyn cover for control and feel

With its versatile performance, the Bridgestone e9 caters to the needs of a wide range of golfers.


Designed with input from World Long Drive competitors

Find the sweet spot between firm and soft


Long braking in wet conditions

High rolling resistance

Relatively noisy at impact


What are the Characteristics of the Best Golf Balls for Distance?

When you’re searching for golf balls designed to maximize distance, there are specific characteristics that set them apart from other types. Key features like low compression, low spin, and an aerodynamic dimple pattern can help contribute to longer shots. Here’s what to look for in the best distance golf balls.

Distance golf balls typically have a low compression. This means they have a softer core, which allows for greater energy transfer during contact with the driver. When you hit a low compression ball, the energy of your swing compresses the ball. Be VERY mindful that these golf balls are particularly useful for players with moderate to slow swing speeds who wish to improve their driving yardage. If your swing speed is on the faster side, then make sure your distance golf ball has a higher compression rating.

Always factor in low spin when looking for the best golf balls for distance. Reduced spin helps limit the amount of curve during your shots, which enables the ball to travel in a straighter line and cover more ground.

When it comes to the cover material, distance golf balls often have a durable cover, made to withstand powerful shots. We love that the Callaway Superfast golf ball provides a soft feeling cover while giving you the benefit of a distance-giving golf ball.

The aerodynamic dimple pattern on the golf ball’s surface is another factor affecting distance. Dimple patterns are designed to optimize lift and decrease drag, allowing the ball to travel farther. The Bridgestone e9, for example, is particularly known for its speed and its unique dimple pattern plays an important role in that.

While achieving more distance on your drives is a great feature to look for, remember that distance-focused golf balls may have some drawbacks, such as less control and feel around the greens. These balls often sacrifice spin control and soft feel, which are essential for short-game performance. Players should consider these factors in their search for the perfect golf ball for their skill level and priorities.

Are Distance-Focused Golf Balls Right for You?

When it comes to enhancing your golf game, the right ball can make all the difference. But are these balls the right fit for you? Let’s consider some important factors that can help you make the decision.

Your skill level plays a significant role in determining if distance golf balls are suitable for your game. Generally, these balls are most desired by high handicappers who might have slow swing speeds and need help getting the ball airborne. Regardless of skill level, any golfer can potentially benefit from using a distance ball, especially when playing on open or long courses.

As mentioned with the compression rating of the golf ball, swing speed is a critical factor to consider. Golfers with moderate swing speeds often get better results with distance-focused balls due to the low spin and soft feel they provide. On the other hand, golfers with high swing speeds might not benefit as much, as they can already generate significant distance with higher compression golf balls.

Personal preference and individual playing style can also dictate whether distance golf balls are the right choice for you. If you prioritize feel and control over distance, you might not find these balls as appealing. If gaining extra yards off the tee is your primary goal, distance-focused balls can offer a significant advantage.

Overall, it’s essential to evaluate your skill level, swing speed, personal preferences, and playing conditions to determine if distance-focused golf balls are the right choice for you. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different types and brands to find the perfect ball that caters to your unique requirements and strengths.

How Does Swing Speed Factor into the Right Ball for Distance?

Swing speed is a crucial factor in picking the right golf ball as it directly impacts ball speed and the distance the ball travels. To optimize the performance of a golf ball, you first need to understand your swing speed and select a ball that complements it.

Slow-swing speed golfers, for example, might benefit from a high-energy core that helps maximize distance with a lower spin rate. In contrast, faster swingers can benefit from golf balls designed to optimize launch angle and reduce drag.

To measure your swing speed, you can use a launch monitor at a golf store or driving range, or seek advice from a golf professional. Knowing your swing speed allows you to make informed decisions when choosing the right golf ball. Golfers can be categorized as having slow, moderate, or fast swing speeds, and selecting a ball designed for your specific speed range will help optimize distance and accuracy.

For example, the TaylorMade Distance+ is a well-regarded option for players with slower swing speeds. It has a high-energy core and a low-spin design, which helps to maximize distance while maintaining control. On the other hand, tour pros who have swing speeds between 110-125mph often opt for higher compression golf balls, designed for optimal performance at higher speeds.


In summary, the pursuit of finding the best golf balls for distance can significantly impact your performance on the golf course. By selecting a suitable golf ball that matches your playing style and skill level, you can benefit from added distance and improved results in your game.

To further hone your skills and unlock your full potential on the greens, be sure to visit our blog with more golf tips and guides

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