The 6 Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers [2023 Edition]

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Choosing the right golf ball can have more impact on your game than you think, especially if you are a mid-handicap golfer. With countless options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which ball will best suit your swing speed, skill level, and preferences. But worry not! This article is here to guide you through some of the best golf balls for mid handicappers, helping you narrow down your choices and make an informed decision.

As a mid-handicap golfer, it’s essential to find a golf ball that strikes the perfect balance between distance, spin, feel, and durability. With the right golf ball, you’ll not only improve your score but also enhance your overall performance on the course. To make it easier for you to choose the best golf ball as a mid handicapper, we researched the best golf balls for mid-handicap players and explored the key features to look for in a golf ball tailored to your skill level. Read on to find out which golf balls we recommend!

Who is Considered a Mid-Handicap Golfer?

A handicap in golf represents a golfer’s skill level and helps level the playing field in competitions by adjusting players’ scores. It is calculated using a formula that takes into account a golfer’s recent scores and the difficulty of the courses played. But who exactly are considered mid-handicap golfers? Let’s explore this further.

Mid-handicap golfers typically have a handicap range between 10 and 20. They possess a solid understanding of the game with decent skills, but might not be as consistent as low-handicap players. While they may have some strong points in their game, they still have areas where they can improve.

Different courses may have varying mid-handicap ranges depending on their difficulty. However, a few examples of typical mid-handicap scores are as follows:

  • 80-90 on a par-72 course
  • 40-45 on a nine-hole course

Mid-handicap golfers often face common challenges and goals in their game. For instance, they might struggle with consistency in their golf swing, distance control, or short game around the green. Their primary goals might include improving club selection, course management, and refining their swing mechanics to achieve more accurate shots and lower scores.

As a mid-handicap golfer, you have the potential to elevate your game even further. Even something as simple as choosing the right golf ball, you can continue to hone your skills and move closer to becoming a low-handicap player.

Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers

We have curated a list of golf balls we recommend for mid-handicappers. The factors we took into consideration include construction, compression, feel, cover, dimple pattern, spin, distance, and durability of each golf ball.

Srixon Soft Feel

Callaway Supersoft

TaylorMade Tour Response

Wilson Triad

Bridgestone e6

Titleist AVX

Srixon Soft Feel

  • Low compression for maximum distance
  • Thin cover to add spin
  • Two-piece construction

The Srixon Soft Feel’s simple yet quality construction is great for mid-handicappers looking for extra distance and control. However, it may not be ideal for golfers with faster swing speeds who prefer a firmer golf ball.

Callaway Supersoft

  • Ultra-low compression for soft feel
  • HEX Aerodynamics for reduced drag and optimal flight
  • Enhanced greenside control

With a soft feel and excellent greenside control, the Callaway Supersoft is a favorite among many golfers. The main disadvantage is its lack of spin on longer shots, which could affect control for some players. Be aware of your swing speed when deciding whether or not to use the Callaway Supersoft as it will have an impact on how the ball performs on the course.

TaylorMade Tour Response

  • Soft urethane cover
  • Low 40 compression
  • Speedmantle with HFMq for increased ball speed

The TaylorMade Tour Response provides a soft feel, low spin off the tee, and excellent greenside control. However, some golfers may find it lacks optimal distance compared to other choices. This ball also made out list of best golf ballers for beginners due to its versatility and workability for both beginners and mid handicappers.

Wilson Triad

  • Three-piece construction
  • Vibrant color options
  • Soft ionomer cover

The Wilson Triad is known for its soft feel and excellent control around the greens. However, golfers with higher swing speeds might find it lacks distance compared to other options.

Bridgestone e6

  • Low compression for added distance
  • Soft, seamless Surlyn cover
  • Delta Dimple pattern for better aerodynamics

For mid-handicappers seeking added distance, the Bridgestone e6 may be a suitable choice. Its low compression and aerodynamic dimple pattern contribute to its performance. However, the ball may lack spin around the greens for better control.

Titleist AVX

  • Soft, premium urethane cover
  • Low compression core
  • Unique dimple pattern for increased distance

The Titleist AVX offers a soft feel, increased distance, and excellent control around the greens. On the other hand, it’s a pricier option compared to other golf balls on this list.

What Features Do The Best Golf Balls for Mid-Handicappers Have

As a mid-handicap golfer, you may be wondering how to choose the best golf ball for your game. We’ve broken down the most essential features to consider when selecting a golf ball that matches your preferences and needs.


The feel of a golf ball is crucial for mid-handicap players as it impacts your comfort while playing. Soft feel balls like the Srixon Soft Feel and Callaway Supersoft provide better control, improving your short game. Firm golf balls, such as the Titleist Velocity, might be preferred by those seeking a more solid impact on their shots.


As a mid-handicapper, you want a golf ball that can help you cover more distance with your shots. Low-compression balls like the Bridgestone e6 offer added distance, as they compress more efficiently upon impact, leading to increased energy transfer and, ultimately, longer shots. Be mindful of the compression rating of the golf ball you choose as it will correlate closely with your swing speed. The faster your swing speed, the higher the compression you will want.

Dimple Pattern

The dimple pattern on a golf ball can affect its aerodynamics, resulting in differences in flight and performance. Dimples reduce air resistance, allowing the ball to travel further and more consistently. The Wilson Triad, for example, has a unique dimple pattern designed to help improve lift and maintain trajectory during flight.


Control over spin is essential for mid-handicap golfers, as it impacts their ability to shape shots and control the ball on the green. Golf balls like the TaylorMade Tour Response provide an ideal balance between distance and spin control through their multi-layer construction and thin cover, enabling you to achieve optimal performance on the course.


Choosing the perfect golf ball to match your skills and style of play can make a significant difference in your performance on the course.

We hope you have a better understanding of some of the best golf balls for mid-handicappers. Now, it’s time to harness that knowledge and use it to your advantage. As you refine your skills and lower your handicap, remember to keep experimenting with various balls to find the ultimate fit for your game.

To further enhance your performance, consider these practical tips when selecting a golf ball:

  • Focus on a golf ball that provides optimum distance without sacrificing control.
  • Look for a ball that offers a balance of greenside spin and durability.
  • Don’t be afraid to invest in higher-quality balls, as they can potentially save you strokes and up your overall game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which golf balls are suitable for mid-handicappers with slower swing speeds?

If you are a mid handicapper with a slower swing speed, consider looking for golf balls with low or mid compression that offer a soft feel. This will aid in maximizing distance and maintaining control around the greens. Srixon Soft Feel and Bridgestone e6 are great options for this category of players.

What should I do if I have a fast swing speed?

As a mid handicapper with a fast swing speed, you’ll want a golf ball that complements your abilities. Opt for firmer golf balls with a slightly higher compression to take advantage of your swing speed. These balls should still offer a good amount of control and spin for both distance and short-game performance. The Titleist Pro V1 and Callaway Chrome Soft are popular choices for golfers with faster swing speeds.

How can the right golf ball help improve my handicap?

Selecting the right golf ball can actually make a significant difference in your overall game. By choosing a ball that matches your swing speed and skill level, you’ll be able to optimize your distance, control, and overall performance on the course. Additionally, the right ball can help enhance your feel around the greens, leading to better shots and lower scores. Remember, finding the perfect golf ball will take some trial and error, so be patient and experiment with different brands and models to find what works best for your game.

What golf balls do senior mid-handicap players prefer?

Senior mid-handicap players usually prefer golf balls that offer a softer feel, lower compression, and increased distance on slower swing speeds. The Srixon Soft Feel and Callaway Supersoft are popular options for senior mid-handicap players. These balls provide a great combination of distance, feel, and control to cater to the needs of seniors still looking to improve their game. As with any golfer, though, personal preferences and swing style will ultimately dictate the best choice for each individual player.

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