Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Review: #1 Choice for Beginners?

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Having the right equipment is essential in golf, not just for the pros but for amateurs and weekend warriors as well. The golf ball you choose plays a bigger role in your overall performance than you think. It’s not just about having a good swing; the ball needs to complement your style of play and skill level.

We recently did a Callaway Golf Supersoft golf balls review by taking them out for a spin to see how this type of soft, lower compression golf ball plays. Callaway designed these golf balls to be a go-to choice for golfers looking for soft feel and low compression without sacrificing distance.

Overall, these balls live up to their name. They offer an exceptional soft feel, especially around the greens. You’ll find that the Supersoft balls are designed to improve playability for those with slower swing speeds coupling comfort with control.

Let’s dive into our Callaway Supersoft golf balls review by exploring the features of the golf ball and discuss performance of the ball from the tee to the green. 

What Makes the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball Stand Out?

The Callaway Supersoft ball’s feel is felt right off the tee and all the way to the cup.

As most players would attest, these golf balls provide remarkable straight distance, which is a considerable advantage for beginners looking to improve their long game. They’re not just about the distance though; the control around the green is admirable as well. 

You might find that chipping and putting feels more intuitive, thanks to a clear alignment mark and a design optimized for smooth rolling.

We also appreciate the durability these balls offer. Even after several rounds, they maintain their integrity, rarely showing signs of the usual wear and tear. 

Golfers with varying swing speeds have shared positivity about the Supersoft’s performance, and our testing aligns with those findings. 

Who Is This Golf Ball For?

As we conducted our Callaway Supersoft golf balls review, our time has shown that they are an excellent option for beginners. 

Slow swing speeds, which are commonly below 100mph, are perfectly complemented by the structure of these golf balls. 

Beginners will find that the balls enhance the distance of their shots while providing a soft feel off the green. This makes the game more enjoyable as new players see improvements in their distance without sacrificing control.

However, more experienced golfers with faster swing speeds might find these golf balls less than ideal. The faster your swing speed, the higher compression rating you need in your golf ball. That’s why you will see professional golfers use balls like the Titleist Pro V1 or TaylorMade TP5x. Those types of golf balls have a high compression rating and provide a lot of spin, all of which will make beginner golfers struggle in all likelihood.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

The lower compression rating of the Callaway Supersoft means higher skilled golfers won’t benefit as much from the energy transfer that higher compression golf balls typically provide.

Overall, for new players looking to improve their game and enjoy more satisfaction on the course, these balls could be a smart choice. They forgive minor errors and allow players to make steady progress in their playing style. Now let’s take a look at the performance results from our Callaway Supersoft golf balls review!

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball Performance Overview

Let’s break down how these golf balls fared in different aspects of the game.

Off The Tee

The Supersoft really shines when teeing off. You can really feel the compression, even with moderate swing speeds, which translates to impressive distances. What’s amazing about this ball is that with a slow, controlled swing, the ball flight was controlled and provided a great amount of loft in each shot.

Without making any hardcore performance claims, many of us found our drives to be consistent and quite forgiving of off-center hits. Not a cure-all for a slice, but a decent choice for those needing a boost off the tee.

On the Fairway & Rough

From the fairway, the Supersoft continues to perform strongly. There’s a noticeable difference in ball control and it sits nicely with iron shots, providing a satisfying feedback upon impact. The soft feel of the ball shines through with iron shots giving you the right amount of spin and ample distance to reach the green. 

In the rough, the ball cuts through with less resistance than expected, giving a sense of relief when rescuing those wayward shots.


Around the greens, the ball offers a nice softness that beginners will appreciate. 

Chipping and pitching with the Supersoft feels intuitive, with the ball reacting predictably. The soft feel doesn’t sacrifice responsiveness, and there’s ample opportunity for spin control with the right technique.


On the greens, the alignment aid is a welcome feature, making it easier for us to line up those crucial putts. 

On the green is where we probably appreciate the Callaway Supersoft the most. The softness makes a positive impact, allowing for a gentle touch and good feedback on the putter face. This ball rolls true and can help in boosting confidence from short to mid-range putts.


To conclude our Callaway Supersoft golf balls review, we’ve been impressed with their performance in the lens of a beginner’s skillset. The exceptionally soft feel and responsiveness on the green are undeniable.

They provide the control and gentle touch that can truly enhance your game. This is especially true around the greens where precision is crucial.

We particularly recommend these to beginners or those with slower swing speeds. The design assists in achieving straighter long shots, which can be a significant advantage for players still mastering their swing.

While these balls might not magically cure a slice or replace skill, they do offer noticeable improvements to your game where equipment matters. And for those interested in aesthetics, the matte finish options add a touch of personality on the course.

There really isn’t a cheat code or secret that makes golf easier for players, but the Callaway Supersoft golf ball, paired with a solid set of fundamental golf skills almost feels like a cheat code in itself.

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