What are the Top 10 Best Putter Grips in 2023?

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Best Putter Grips

Looking to up your golf game with the perfect stroke? Don’t overlook the importance of a putter grip that suits your putting style. We are diving into the best putter grips on the market, exploring their features, benefits, and how they compare to competitors. We have found what we think are the ten best putter grips that you can use to level up your game on the green. Get ready to master your putts and unlock new levels of precision with our in-depth analysis of the best putter grips available!

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SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0 Putter Grip

Ping PP58

Lamkin Deep Etched

Golf Pride Pro Only

Golf Pride SNSR Contour

Winn Dri Tac Midsize Pistol

Lamkin SinkFit PU Straight

Flat Cat Original

SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol Grip

Winn Pro X

SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0 Putter Grip

Check out the Super Stroke Traxion Tour 2.0 Putter GripIf you’re looking for a putter grip that can help you improve your consistency, accuracy, and confidence on the green. There are three key features to this grip that make this one of the best putter grips.

  1. The first thing we noticed about this grip is the Traxion Control technology, which consists of strategically designed zones on the tacky polyurethane outer layer. These zones provide a comfortable feel and a secure grip, even in wet or humid conditions.
  1. We also love the No Taper Technology, which creates even pressure throughout the grip. Unlike traditional tapered grips, which can cause tension and twisting in the lower hand. This reduces grip pressure and helps keep the putter head on the intended path, resulting in more consistent and accurate putts.
  1. The third feature that we found helpful was SuperStroke’s Spyne Technology, which is a subtle ridge along the underside of the grip. This ridge acts as a guide for your hand placement and helps you repeat the same position every time you set up for a putt. This way, you can ensure that the putter face is square at impact and avoid any unwanted side spin or misalignment.

The Super Stroke Traxion Tour 2.0 Putter Grip falls under the medium-size grip category with a lighter weight of 50 grams. It also comes in various colors and designs, so you can choose one that matches your style and putter.

Overall, this grip is a great choice for anyone looking to improve their putting performance and be more efficient on the green. SuperStroke made a grip that offers a combination of comfort, stability, and consistency that can make a huge difference in your putting.

Ping PP58

The  Ping PP58 Cord Putter Grip shines when it comes to a grip that offers comfort, control, and consistency. Ping’s classic putter grip has been trusted by many golfers for decades, including Tiger Woods. It’s designed to fit any standard putter shaft and provide a smooth and confident stroke.

The Ping PP58 Cord Putter Grip is made of a rubber compound with a corded texture that gives you a firm and responsive feel. The corded texture also helps you maintain a steady grip in any weather condition, whether it’s hot, cold, wet, or dry. The grip has a pistol shape that conforms to your hand and allows you to place your fingers naturally on the club. The flat front of the grip helps you align your putter face with your target line with ease.

In addition to the quality material and shape of this putter grip, it doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to your putter or affect its swing weight. We liked the uniform thickness that distributes the pressure evenly across your hands which helped prevent any twisting or slipping during our putting.

The Ping PP58 Cord Putter Grip is a great choice for golfers who want a simple but effective putter grip that can improve their putting performance. You can also find it in a variety of colors too!

Lamkin Deep Etched

We like to call the Lamkin Deep Etched putter grip the king of feel, stability, and traction. This putter grip stands out with its prominent horizontally etched pattern that covers the entire surface. We noticed that this grip pattern consistently helped us align our hands and wrists correctly on the putter.

The grip features a paddle-shaped profile, which is a traditional shape that many golfers prefer. The paddle shape also encourages a more relaxed and tension-free putting stroke, which helped us avoid jerky or twitchy movements during putting.

The grip is made of a firmer rubber material, which enhances the feel and feedback of the putter. We appreciated the enhanced sense of impact at the ball. The improved feedback helped us adjust speed and distance control. The rubber material is also highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, so there’s little worry about replacing the grip anytime soon.

Coming in at 81 grams, the grip may weigh more than other grips, but it balances well with the weight of the putter head. With the high-quality materials and design of the Deep Etched putter grip, we were extremely delighted with the feel, stability, and traction, looks of this grip on the putter. This is one of the best putter grips offering a ton of value for its price.

Golf Pride Pro Only

The Golf Pride Pro Only putter grip easily earns a spot on our list of the best putter grips. These grips feature brushed cotton cord throughout for an even firmer, more responsive feel. You can find these putters in three modern shapes that are designed for hand comfort and positioning, giving you more confidence in your putting.

We were very impressed by how the grip felt in the hand. The cord material provides a nice texture and grip, especially in humid or wet conditions. The Pro Only Cord series offers three options: 72 cc, 81 cc, and 88 cc. Each one has a different profile and size to suit different preferences and hand sizes.

Much like the Lamkin Deep Etched grip, the Golf Pride Pro Only grip is on the heavier side of putter grips, coming in at around 74 grams to 86 grams depending on the size. Remember that the added weight helps counterbalance some of the heavier putter heads out there, creating a more stable and solid feel. It also helps me swing the putter more smoothly and naturally, without forcing it.

Overall, we think the Golf Pride Pro Only Cord putter grip is a great choice for anyone who wants a firm, responsive, and comfortable grip. The high-quality design and construction will last a long time and we love the sleek and modern look that can match any putter style.

Golf Pride SNSR Contour

Golf Pride SNSR Contour
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You read it right, another Golf Pride putter grip on our list of best putter grips. The SNSR Contour grip was designed to help you lock in your upper hand and improve your confidence on the green. We found many reasons to recommend this putter grip.

First of all, the Tour SNSR Contour features a classic tapered pistol shape. It fits snugly in your upper hand and helps prevent unwanted movement or twisting. The grip comes in two sizes: 104cc and 140cc. The 104cc is slightly larger than a standard putter grip, while the 140cc is even bigger and ideal for golfers with large hands or who prefer a thicker feel.

The Tour SNSR Contour is made of a proprietary soft-tuned rubber that is said to be 40% softer than any other Golf Pride putter grip. We noticed that this gives the grip a very soft and smooth feel that is comfortable to hold and easy to control. We also really like how the grip has a subtle texture that adds some traction and prevents any slippage. 

The Tour SNSR Contour has been validated by tour players who appreciate its performance and benefits. The grip helps me align my hands and wrists in a natural position that promotes a smooth and repeatable putting motion. Don’t count out the importance of the feel of your putting stroke with this grip. This grip excels in feeling the right amount of feedback during each putt.

The Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour is one of the best putter grips due to its soft yet grippy material, ergonomic shape, and amazing feel. If you’re looking for a putter grip that can improve your performance and confidence on the green, we highly recommend giving the Tour SNSR Contour a try.

Winn Dri Tac Midsize Pistol

The Winn Dri-Tac Midsize Pistol is a fantastic midsize putter grip. As one of the pioneers of the many polymer putter grips on the market, the Dri Tac grip leads the way in durability, shock absorption, and slip resistance. The Dri-Tac material also has a soft and tacky texture that feels great in the hands and helps me maintain a light and consistent grip pressure.

The Winn Dri-Tac Midsize Pistol is more than suitable for all weather conditions. The grip will not lose its tackiness or feel when it’s wet or humid, and it doesn’t crack or fade when it’s hot or cold. Maintaining this grip is as easy as cleaning with a damp cloth from time to time.

Overall, we can’t recommend the Winn Dri-Tac Midsize enough. It’s a high-quality product that improves putting performance and comfort. It’s also affordable and comes in different colors to suit your personal style.

Lamkin SinkFit PU Straight

You know that you can go to Lamkin for a quality putter grip, and the SinkFit PU Straight grip is no exception. Here’s why we recommend that SinkFit PU Straight grip as one of the best putter grips for your putter:

The first thing that stood out about this grip is the lightweight polyurethane material that feels soft and smooth in the hand. The grip also features Lamkin’s Fingerprint Technology, which is a micro-texture pattern that provides a consistent and comfortable feel throughout the grip. The texture is not too rough or too smooth, but just right for optimal grip control and feedback.

The grip has a parallel shape with a subtle ridge along the underside that helps you align my hands and wrists properly. The ridge also guides and maintains those with a straight-back-straight-through stroke. The grip is best suited for golfers who use grip styles such as the palm-to-palm, fingers down the shaft, split hand or claw-style putting grip.

The grip is also midsize, fitting right in between grips that are more bulky or thin. The grip also has a moderate taper, which means it doesn’t get too narrow or too wide at the ends. This provides a balanced feel and proper pressure throughout the grip.

Overall, we’re very satisfied with the Lamkin SINKFit PU Straight Putter Grip. It provides incredible performance as a comfortable, stable, and reliable grip for all putters. The grip also looks great on a putter, with a sleek black color and a silver logo. If you’re looking for a putter grip that can help you sink more putts, you should consider this grip as your go-to.

Flat Cat Original

Standing out from the crowd with its bright-green color scheme is the Flat Cat Original putter grip. Even if you’re not a fan of the green color, you can’t overlook this grip’s quality material, shape, and variety of sizes available. This putter grip checks all the boxes when it comes to selecting the best putting grip for your game. 

The Flat Cat Original is designed with a unique flat shape that allows you to place your hands directly on the sides of the grip, rather than wrapping them around it. This gives you more control over the face angle of the putter and reduces the tendency to twist or manipulate the club during the stroke. The grip also has a patented Easy-Glide™ cone that makes it easy to slide your hands into the correct position every time.

You are sure to find the right size grip for you as the grip comes in four sizes: slim, standard, fat, and “big boy”. The grip is also made of a lightweight rubber compound that is durable and weather-resistant. We really like the smooth texture that provides a soft and responsive feel on the green.

The Flat Cat Original Putter Grip is not just another gimmicky accessory. This grip is a game-changer that we believe can help you lower your scores and add confidence to your putts.

SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol Grip

The second SuperStroke grip we recommend stands out with its classic feel with modern technology. The SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol GT 1.0 will definitely help improve putting performance and confidence on the green.

The Zenergy Pistol GT 1.0 is a medium-sized putter grip that features a pistol-style top section that helps lock in the upper hand position and feel more comfortable and stable when putting. The grip also features SuperStroke’s “No Taper Technology” that reduces the tapering from top to bottom.

One of the most unique features of this grip is the CounterCore weight system, which allows you to adjust the balance and feel of your putter by adding or removing a 50g weight at the butt end of the grip. This helps you fine-tune your stroke tempo and face angle, as well as counteract any unwanted rotation or twisting of the putter head. Keep in mind the weight is not included with the grip. It can be purchased separately and easily installed with a wrench on your own.

We love the feel of the Zenergy Pistol GT grip with its soft and tacky polyurethane outer layer that provides a comfortable and secure grip in any weather condition. There are plenty of color options from black, blue, red, and white, so you can choose one that suits your style and preference.

Overall, the SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol GT 1.0 putter grip is a great option for golfers who want to enhance their putting performance and feel with a versatile and customizable grip. It offers a perfect blend of classic design and modern technology that can help you lower your scores and enjoy your game more. SuperStroke has become a staple in the golf industry when it comes to the best putter grips available today.

Winn Pro X

Last on our list of the best putter grips is the Winn Pro X. The Winn Pro X putter grip is slightly smaller than the standard jumbo size, but still large enough to reduce wrist movement during the stroke. Perfect for keeping your putter face square, allowing you to hit the ball with more control. The grip also has a minimal taper, which means it has a uniform thickness throughout. We appreciate the balanced feel which allowed equal grip pressure in both hands.

One of the best features of the Winn Pro X putter grip is the tacky Excel polymer material. It’s soft, comfortable, and slip-resistant in any weather condition. It also has a nice texture that enhances the grip and feedback. The black color with blue accents looks sleek and stylish on any putter.

The Winn Pro X weighs 59 grams, which is slightly lighter than some other jumbo grips. This putter grip is an easy win when it comes to upgrading your short game. It’s a quality grip that delivers on its promises.

What We Look For In the Best Putter Grips

A putter grip is a crucial component of a consistent and successful putting game. The grip directly influences your ability to maintain control, accuracy, and consistency during putting. In order to determine the best putter grips available to golfers, we narrowed down the criteria to specific features and benefits that matter the most to golfers.

Grip Material and Texture

Your putter grip’s material and texture play a significant role in providing a comfortable and secure grip. Once you grab your putter and line your putt, you should have a grip that enhances grip stability. The right grip material will reduce the likelihood of the putter slipping during the stroke. It also allows you to maintain consistent grip pressure, leading to more accurate putts.

The common materials in putters are rubber, polyurethane, EVA foam, leather, and cord. Here’s what you can expect for each type of putter grip material:

  • Rubber: most common and inexpensive option. Firm and durable that works for a wide range of players.
  • Polyurethane or EVA foam: lightest and softest grip material. Often found on oversized putter grips
  • Leather: more expensive material and offers premium feel and quality. Breathable and moisture-resistant. Long lasting compared to other materials.
  • Cord: made of rubber with cotton threads embedded in them. Extract traction and feedback, especially in wet or humid conditions.

Grip Size and Shape

Grip size and shape impact the golfer’s ability to maintain a proper hand position and control the putter’s face angle. A grip that matches the golfer’s hand size and shape reduces tension and improves stroke mechanics, allowing for smoother and more natural putting strokes.

You will find a wide variety of different shapes and sizes of putter grips. Here’s a quick breakdown of the different grip shapes:

Circle: a round shape that emulates how swing grips feel. Often found in larger and non-tapered putter grips that reduce wrist movement and encourage a square face through impact.

Oval: a slightly flattened shape that is one of the most popular and traditional options. Allows your hands to stay close together for a solid and stable grip.

Flat oval: Flat oval putter grips have a wider flat top that is great for players with longer fingers or who prefer to have their hands turned out for a more natural feeling placement. They also provide more surface area for your thumbs to rest on.

Pistol: Pistol putter grips have an angled or pointed shape at the bottom that allows your fingers to wrap around the grip. Ergonomic feel on the back of the grip that helps lock in your hand position.

Flat wide: Rectangular shape that is narrow from side to side but deep from top-to-bottom. Similar to flat oval grips but with more depth and less width. Good for players who want a fuller grip in their hands.

Mod pistol: a hybrid of pistol and flat wide shapes. Has a flat top and a slight pistol kick on the back, but with a wider and deeper profile than regular pistol grips. They offer more comfort and stability than traditional pistol grips.

In terms of grip sizes, you will find putter grips that match that of the grips on your irons all the way up to oversized grips that can be more than an inch in diameter.

Counterbalance and Weighting

When it comes to the best putter grips, you should think about counterbalancing and grip weighting. Putter grips can have an influence on the putter’s overall balance and stability during the stroke. A well-balanced putter grip can help with your tempo and control, leading to more consistent and accurate putts.

If you know the type of putting stroke you use to roll the ball on the green, you will better be able to select the best putter grip for your game. 

Shock Absorption and Vibration Dampening

Shock absorption and vibration-dampening features of a putter grip reduce the impact felt in the hands during putts. A good putter grip should enhance comfort and reduce the risk of hand fatigue, allowing you to maintain a steady grip throughout your round.

The type of material as well as the size of the putter grip will impact the amount of feedback you get during a putting stroke. Refer back to the types of materials available on a putter grip when deciding how much shock absorption and vibration dampening you wish to have. Remember that feeling some feedback from your putter is a good thing. The right amount of feel allows you to make adjustments to your putts. 

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance ensures the grip performs consistently under various conditions, such as rain or humid weather. A weather-resistant grip provides year-round usability, maintaining grip performance in adverse weather. 

There’s nothing worse than grabbing your putter out of the bag and seeing the material flaking or falling off in small specs. Look for a putter grip that has the durability to withstand the elements and look at what additional coatings may be added to a grip for more weather resistance.


How do I choose the right size for my putter grip?

The size of your putter grip depends on your hand size, grip style, and stroke type. Generally speaking, larger grips tend to reduce wrist movement and encourage a more pendulum-like stroke, while smaller grips allow more wrist action and face rotation. Larger grips also tend to reduce grip pressure and increase stability, while smaller grips offer more feedback and control.

To choose the right size for your putter grip, you should measure your hand from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger. Then, compare it to the following chart:

Hand SizeRecommended Grip Size
6 inches or lessStandard or Undersize
6 to 7 inchesStandard or Midsize
7 inches or moreMidsize or Oversize

You should also consider your grip style, whether you use an interlocking, overlapping, or 10-finger grip, and how much pressure you apply to the grip. If you use a lighter grip pressure, you may prefer a larger grip that offers more cushioning and comfort. If you use a firmer grip pressure, you may prefer a smaller grip that gives you more feedback and feel.

Finally, you should consider your stroke type, whether you have a straight-back-straight-through stroke or an arc stroke. If you have a straight stroke, you may benefit from a larger grip that helps you keep the face square throughout the stroke. If you have an arc stroke, you may benefit from a smaller grip that allows you to rotate the face naturally.

What are the benefits of changing my putter grip?

Changing your putter grip can have several benefits for your putting performance, such as:

  • Improving your alignment: A new putter grip can help you align your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders better with the target line and the putter face. Some grips have visual aids or markings that can assist you with alignment.
  • Enhancing your feel: A new putter grip can improve your feel for distance and direction by providing more or less feedback at impact. Some grips have different textures or materials that can affect how much vibration or cushioning you feel.
  • Adjusting your stroke: A new putter grip can help you correct some of your bad habits or tendencies in your stroke, such as too much wrist movement, face rotation, or grip pressure. Some grips have different shapes or sizes that can influence how you swing the putter.
  • Increasing your confidence: A new putter grip can boost your confidence on the greens by giving you a fresh look and feel for your putter. Some grips have different colors or designs that can appeal to your personal taste or mood.

How often should I replace my putter grip?

There is no definitive answer to how often you should replace your putter grip, as it depends on how much you use it, how well you take care of it, and how comfortable you are with it. However, some signs that indicate you may need a new putter grip are:

  • Wear and tear: If your putter grip shows signs of cracking, peeling, fading, or losing its shape or texture, it may be time to replace it. A worn-out grip can affect your traction, feel, and consistency on the greens.
  • Loss of tackiness: If your putter grip feels slippery or greasy in your hands, it may have lost its tackiness due to dirt, sweat, or oil buildup. A slippery grip can cause you to lose control of the putter and miss your intended line or speed.
  • Change of preference: If your putter grip no longer suits your preference or needs, you may want to change it. For example, if you have changed your stroke style, hand size, or grip pressure, you may benefit from a different size, shape, or firmness of grip.

As a general rule of thumb, you should replace your putter grip at least once a year if you play regularly, or more often if you notice any of the signs above.

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