5 PGA Tour Events We Are Most Excited About in 2024

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As we usher in the 2024 PGA Tour season, anticipation is high for several tournaments with great storylines. This year boasts a lineup of Signature Events that stand out for their prestige and the quality of play they attract.

The structure of the PGA Tour calendar always gives us plenty to discuss, but the 2024 season feels particularly groundbreaking. A series of select tournaments, including Majors and limited field events, will set the stage for a gripping, competitive season.

Meanwhile, the quest for the coveted Tour Championship adds an extra layer of excitement throughout the season. These tournaments are not just a test of skill but also a battleground for rankings and prestige, with each event amplifying the journey to the ultimate prize in professional golf. With such a robust schedule, the 2024 PGA Tour is shaping up to be an enthralling spectacle for golf enthusiasts around the world.

What Has Changed Since The 2023 PGA Tour Season?

In 2024, quite a few alterations were made to the PGA Tour, most notably the introduction of Signature Events that have elevated the competitive landscape. These events are positioned just below the prestige of the majors, offering an enhanced viewing experience and greater opportunities for golfers to demonstrate their skills and climb the FedExCup standings. The PGA has also made the draw of the signature events more compelling by putting a 20-million dollar purse up for grabs. 

An announcement that shocked the golf world was Jon Rahm’s transition to LIV Golf. Jon Rahm has been off and on as the number one ranked golfer since 2020. He is a force to be reckoned with on the tour and his move over to the LIV tour is no small change. We are keeping a very close eye on how Rahm continues to perform on LIV and what players on the PGA will do in his absence. 

Lastly, the PGA Tour has made a strategic change back to a calendar-year season, creating a more traditional flow for the season that aligns with the annual calendar. This has been implemented with a renewed focus on the FedExCup play-offs, enhancing the suspense and stakes towards the end of the season. The PGA hopes that the scheduling changes bring less confusion and more anticipation for the FedEx Cup tournaments at the end of the season.

5 Most Anticipated PGA Tour Events Of 2024

The PGA Tour’s 2024 events promise to captivate spectators with thrilling matchups and historical venues. We’re particularly excited about the Signature Events and the emergence of new tournaments that are sure to become fan favorites. While we are excited for more than just five PGA tour events, these are our top five. Check them out!

Genesis Invitational | Feb 15 – 18

We can’t help but be excited about Tiger Woods as he makes a much-anticipated return to the PGA at the historic Riviera Country Club, following his injury at the 2023 Masters. Tiger Woods always draws massive viewership and the golfing world will be abuzz with Tiger playing again. This Signature Event will be a pivotal moment not just for Tiger, but for the entirety of professional golf.

Myrtle Beach Classic | May 9 – 12

This is the first-ever PGA Tournament hosted in Myrtle Beach, making it a groundbreaking event. We’re eager to see what makes Castle Pines Golf Club in Castle Rock so distinctive to be chosen as a PGA venue, adding this course to the list of famous courses on the Tour. Who is going to make their mark and go down in history as the first player to win at Myrtle Beach? We’re eagerly awaiting May 9th to arrive.

The Masters | Apr 11 – 14

John Rahm’s presence is bound to be felt, especially after his move to the LIV tour after his win at the Masters last year. We also remember how Brooks Koepka was close yet so far last time—could this year be different? And all eyes are on Rory McIlroy; will 2024 finally be the year that he captures the grand slam? The Masters is the crown jewel of golf and every year is an absolute treat to watch the best players in golf compete in Augusta. 2024 will be no different.

PGA Championship | May 16 – 19

Koepka’s triumph at the 2023 PGA Championship redeemed his earlier performance at the Masters, and with Viktor Hovland being the runner-up last year, our expectations are high. Will Viktor progress to victory this year at the majestic Valhalla Golf Club? We’ve seen Viktor do some amazing things on the tour and it’s just a matter of time before he captures his first major. Will he finally make the magic happen?

Olympic Men’s Golf | Aug 1 – 4

All eyes will be in Paris for the best golfers around the world to compete for the gold medal. The men and women will be vying for golf at Le Golf National in Paris. For the US men’s golf team, there is still a lot to be determined as to who will compete in Paris. Xander Shauffele, the reigning gold medalist in individual stroke play, is likely to return and go for the golf again. Meanwhile, Nelly Kordan, the reigning gold medalist from the USA in women’s individual stroke play will aim to repeat in 2024.

There will still be a number of developments to the players competing in the 2024 Olympics and we’ll be tracking how the rosters shape up for countries all around the world. 

Wrapping Up

The slate of PGA Tour events for 2024 have never felt more exciting. Even with the influence of LIV golf on the world of golf, we are seeing the PGA make sensible changes that keep the tour progressing forward with improvements that players and spectators will appreciate. 

Overall, these five events and many more will provide the golfing world with a plethora of entertaining storylines and high-caliber play. We can’t wait to see how the season unfolds and who will make the ascension to Tour Champion. 

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