Increase Your Power With a Workout Routine For Golfers

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There are varying views on the game of golf on whether or not it is a sport. You do not necessarily need to be in the condition that a baseball player or basketball player needs to be in to play those sports at a high level. 

In fact, you can even look at the PGA tour today and you may see players on the tour that are quite successful and may not look like they’re in the best shape. However, for the majority of golfers, being in shape and having a consistent workout routine elevates their game and allows them to be competitive throughout the tour. 

Despite some opinions of the game of golf, a reliable workout routine can provide the competitive edge when playing by providing better mobility, endurance and strength. If you’ve been golfing for years or are just getting started, we have created a workout routine for golfers that you can start doing today. 

Note: we know that workout routines for golfers can vary greatly and that there are numerous exercises you can do that may not be included within our article. We recommend doing exercises that you are comfortable with as long as you can fulfill the guidelines of each phase.

What Are The Benefits of Workout Routines

Preventing Injury – using your golf clubs to hit the ball requires your body to stand at specific angles. Most of your upper body is also twisting to generate an athletic swing path. If your muscles are not conditioned to make a proper swing, you will be prone to injury. If your muscles are trained and strengthened, then you will have a better chance of avoiding injury. Golfers who are not in shape tend to over-exert themselves when swinging the club and get injured.

Generate power and speed to your swing – this rule is simple; the stronger your muscles are, the more power you will be able to generate in your swing.

More swing control – when you are in golf shape, your muscles are strong enough that you have command over the club and the path that it takes. It is very easy for golfers to hit the ball too soon, too late, or even miss altogether. If you want to have more control over hitting the ball properly, you need to follow a workout routine that will condition the right muscle groups.

Less fatigue on the course – another simple rule; if your body is in shape, your chance of getting fatigued on the course is lower. You need to be able to remain consistent throughout your round if you want to play well.

What Golfers Should Know Before Starting a Workout Routine

One of the common ways that golfers can plan workout routines is based on the time of year. For example, if it is the time of the year when you regularly go out and play golf, you would not want to be doing heavier workout routines. A heavier workout routine may lead to changes in your muscles and overall fitness that may throw off your game.

It is important to think about the time of year and tailor your workout routine for growth and consistency. We recommend that you try these workout sessions at least twice a week for the phases that are outlined.

What Muscles Should I Focus On?

Your muscles need to work together when playing golf. Focus on the big muscles in your body and try to activate your core during workouts. There will be lots of bending and twisting around the core when swinging the club. At the foundation, you need a strong core to start. Other big muscles in the body to work on include the shoulders, arms, legs, and back. 

How do I know if I’m using enough weight or resistance?

The objective is to use a weight that is more than what your muscles are comfortable with. This will allow for muscle growth. For example, if you are trying to do a set of 10 repetitions, but you can do more than 10 without difficulty, then you need to increase the weight. On the other hand, if you are aiming for 10 reps and can only do 5, then you are using too much weight and need to lift less.

Be mindful of what your body is telling you. If an exercise is causing pain or discomfort, stop the exercise. You may be doing the exercise wrong or need to stretch a muscle. A physical therapist may be a good option if something is consistently in pain during certain exercises. Getting in shape and developing muscle is important but should not come at the cost of pain or excessive discomfort.

As we get into each phase of the workout routines for golfers, remember these tips:

  • Warm Up – make sure you take 5 to 10 minutes before your workout routine to loosen up your body and get your heart rate up. You can do a quick jog, speed walk, or even use a stationary cycle to get your blood flowing. 
  • Stretch – take 5 – 10 minutes to stretch the major muscle groups. Make sure that your body is ready to take on the weight and resistance you add to your workouts by stretching your muscles
  • Master the technique of each training exercise – You will lose the value of each training exercise if not done properly. If needed, spend one or two of the workout routines without additional resistance so that you can be more familiar with the exercise. 
  • Avoid back-to-back workout days – to give your body enough time to recover, try to space out workout routines by at least one day. You will also be giving your muscles time to grow and be ready for another workout.
  • Don’t workout the day before a round of golf – If your body needs a day to recover between exercises, then your body will certainly need a day to recover before playing a round of golf. Allow your body the time it needs to be in playing shape.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the three phases of workout routines for golfers!

Note: to help visualize some of the exercises you will be doing, we will link to VeryWellFit to make it easy to start working out.

Pre-Season Workout Routine For Golfers

The pre-season workout routine will typically be the winter season for most golfers. Getting to the golf course will be less likely due to colder temperatures. This time of the year gives you the opportunity to dig deep into your workout routine and get in shape. Try to use this season to put your body in peak shape in advance of regular play.

For the exercises during the pre-season, try to accomplish the following:

  • 15-20 repetitions for each exercise
  • Rest 45 seconds between exercises
  • Controlled repetitions and fully extend
  • Run through the workout routine 2 – 3 times in one session
  • Workout routine should run for around 45 minutes to an hour (with warm-up and cool-down)
  • Follow our guide on the proper use of weights above to determine how much to use

Do the following exercises based on the criteria provided above:

  • Squat with a barbell or dumbbells
  • One Arm Dumbell Row
  • Bicep Curls with dumbbell
  • Tricep extension with dumbbell
  • Plyo pushups (or regular pushups if you can’t do plyo yet)
  • Lat pulldown (front of your body with a wide grip)
  • Cable woodchop (alternatively use a medicine ball)
  • Lateral Raise with dumbbell
  • Standing torso twist with weight
  • Reverse crunch

In-Season Workout Routine For Golfers

In-season means it is primetime to get out and play golf. This is your chance to put your strength and conditioning to the test. Hopefully, you’re seeing more power and distance with each swing on the golf course. While you will be dialed in on playing golf, you need to maintain everything you did in the off-season and pre-season. 

For the workout routine during golf season, try to accomplish the following:

  • 10-20 repetitions for each exercise
  • Rest 1 minute between exercises
  • Controlled repetitions and fully extend
  • Run through the workout routine 2 – 3 times in one session
  • Workout routine should run for around 45 minutes to an hour (with warm-up and cool-down)
  • Some golfers may focus on less weight and good repetitions. Alternatively, your focus can be on maintaining the same amount of weight throughout the golf season.

Do each of the following exercises based on the criteria above:

  • Downward lunges with dumbbells
  • Standing torso twist with medicine ball (add a squad for extra credit)
  • Cable push and pull
  • Dumbbell Rows
  • Squat to lateral raise with dumbbell
  • Romanian deadlift
  • Push-Ups
  • Plank (hold for 1 minute)
  • Wood chops with cable or medicine ball
  • Hang clean with barbell or dumbbell

Off-Season Workout Routine For Golfers

The dreaded off-season: no more regular golf outings and the cold weather has settled in. This is typically the fall season. While there may be less golf played during this time, you can still maintain the conditioning you achieved throughout the year. Taking some time to rest is acceptable, but keeping the strength you developed and growing even more is best to start now.

For the off-season workout routine for golfers, try to accomplish the following:

  • 10-20 repetitions for each exercise
  • Rest 45 seconds between exercises
  • Controlled repetitions and fully extend
  • Run through the workout routine 2 – 3 times in one session
  • Workout routine should run for around 45 minutes to an hour (with warm-up and cool-down)
  • Try to increase your weight and resistance throughout the off-season in small increments. 

Do each of the following exercises based on the criteria above:

  • Oblique crunches
  • Dumbbell or barbell crunches
  • Abdominal crunches
  • Upright rows with barbell, dumbbells, or lowered cable
  • Bench press with barbell
  • Forward lunges with dumbbell
  • Push-Ups
  • Squats with Barbell

Recovering From Workouts

There are a few fundamentals for recovering in between workouts. Here are a few things you can do to help your body recover properly:

  • Fuel your body with proper nutrition. Be mindful of what you put into your body and make sure you eat a variety of foods that will provide you with the nutrients you need. If you’re looking to gain more muscle, eat protein-rich foods or supplements.
  • Hydrate! Your body needs a lot of fluids to help your muscles recover. Carry around a larger water bottle and be conscious of how much water you drink. The more the merrier.
  • Go on walks to let your muscles get movement and stay loose
  • Yoga is a great way to decompress and find some peace in all of the grit of getting in shape. It is also a great time to meditate.

Every golfer will have routines for recovering from workouts that work for them, and that is the most important part. Find a recovery routine that works for your lifestyle.

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